No Maintenance Fees, Our Systems Are Self-Managed.

A2Z custom designs and builds a one-stop surveillance solutions.  While respecting privacy, we utilize the best techniques in surveillance design & construction.  We integrate analog and digital hardware, software, and networking to provide seamless observation functionality and the results you expect. We prevent problems, protect valuable areas, and assure your piece of mind. Please contact us or stop by our shop to discuss your ideas.


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Why You'll Like Our Work

We have the flexibility to adapt to what you need for your system, from minor tweaks to full system from the ground up and everything in-between.


Capturing important details is at the core of good surveillance. Characteristics are chosen based on the requirements of the location. Options include HD resolution, Indoor/Outdoor, Day/Night, Vandal Resistant, Lens Focus/Angles, Dynamic Range, Point/Tilt/Zoom, Covert etc.. Dummy cameras are inexpensive & may be useful.

Design & Installation

Our proposals model your environment with various camera angles and options to optimize functionality and performance. We consider the “why” & “what” before we figure out the “how”. Our system construction & installation is done with industry standard techniques.

Control & Recording

Your control can be your current pc/server, or we can build a custom system including server, data redundancy, multimonitor, etc.. each Control Center is designed to be extremely powerful yet easy to manage. our systems are remotely accessible and is highly configurable. A2Z offers training and follow-up with all systems.

Accessibility & Alerts

Enable motion sensing to trigger events such as phone alerts or email, recording, or alarms. Systems can reliably record 100’s or 1000’s of hours of HD quality video. Video storage can be redundant and include automatic network or cloud based. Cameras access and alerts from any place with internet access,

Want to see more from your camera system?

New Systems

Upgrade & Repair

Do It Yourself

Thinking about getting some cameras? There are many options to choose from in all price ranges. Great high resolution HD cameras, extended recording time, and high functionality new NVR’s. We’ll get you what you wish to see for a price that’s right. Contact us for a quote.

Is your current system getting a little older or not working? We can diagnose and get a non-working system back in order. Or perhaps add better cameras or recording capability. Contact us with your problems or desired improvements.

Do you want to put together a system yourself but need some guidance on parts and process? Often- times we have the parts in stock. Or we can get time-tested parts specific for your situation.

Why You'll Like Our Systems

Professional. A2Z designs & builds expert systems.
Value. A good value for professional products.
Layouts. Commercial or Residential. 1+ buildings.
Settings. In/Outdoors, Day/Night, Wired/Wireless.
Hybrid. Best use of Analog CCTV & IP Technology.
Data Protection. Recording Redundancy.
Accessibility. Monitor from browser or app.
Control. Monitor and record what’s important.
Scalable. Easy & economical to grow as needed.
Support. Includes Warranty, Training, Repair.

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What Our Customers Say

About Our Surveillance

Wiring & Networks

Yes, we understand wiring and networks including analog, Ethernet, or Power over Ethernet. We’re experienced troubleshooters with the hardware and configuration. We can use existing wiring for your camera system if it’s up to the task, or run new wiring as the need dictates.

Protect What Matters

We protect what matters most! We’ve built many surveillance systems that protect business and residential sectors. We make high tech easy to use and put it in the palm of your hand! If you are looking for a company that cares and you don’t just become a number, we are the one you are looking for.

Stay on Top Of Things

We make it easier for you keep track of your home or business successfully! With today’s technology you can keep track and manage many areas of your home or business from your computer or smart phone. It is amazing how many features and abilities are so affordable and easily pay for themselves. Know who’s first in, last out, and everything in between. If you need a company to make this technology transformation easy for you, we are the ones to call.


Wireless Cameras

While wired cameras are always more robust, sometimes it’s just impractical to get the wiring to a specific place. Depending on your specific project, outdoor and indoor wireless cameras can be a great option or a big headache. We’ll recommend the best solutions to you.

Video Surveillance

There are so many options on the market today….how can you tell what will work best for your application? We know. We can get the protection you need with a system that is so easy to use. You don’t have to be a “rocket scientist” to see what you want to see. Contact us and we will make your video surveillance installation a reality for you.

Camera Installations

We’ve ran many miles of cabling for our customers. We give you professional wiring, with no hanging cables outside or spaghetti hiding in the back of your furniture. We take seriously the cameras installation layout and every cable drop to make it work safely, functionally, and look good.

CCTV Service

Repair, greater clairity, or DVR upgrades will add life to your system for reasonable cost. Spruce up your analog/CCTV cameras or system. We offer scheduled onsite service in the North Seattle, Snohomish County areas.

DVR/NVR Upgrades

16 Channel, 8 Channel or 4 Channel, We have available options to change your old Video Recorder with a new DVR that will improve the recording quality, support new HD Cameras, and improve the live view of your older ones.