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Expert Technical Support

We’ve been in business for many years, have repaired thousands of computers. We’re skilled, polite, patient, diligent, and work hard to improve your computer.  We listen to your problems, and in most cases, can solve them to your satisfaction.

Consultation.  Simple questions by the hour or project. please contact us for more information.


Solving Challenges Without Leaving

Business or Residential.

Onsite & Remote Services Help Without Having To Go Anywhere.

Remote PC support is a method of providing technical support though the internet with the help of remote technician.  We will access your Home or Business computer remotely to fix your problems.

While in-house service (at our shop) can fix a greater range of problems, many problems can be fixed remotely.  As long as you have an internet connection, we are able to help.

Just set up an appointment and install our remote software.

Home or Business.. Just set up an appointment and we’ll get you back in business.


To provide remote service, a non-interrupted Internet access is required.

Computer Repair Done Right

After 20 Years of Brick & Mortar Success we’ve earned a reputation for quality work.

If you wish to receive tech support from us please give us a call or schedule it today. Please consider which of our services is best and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions. When the registration process is finished we will guide you through rest of the process. Thank You.


Friendly & Professional

Strong customer service and a friendly, professional demeanor will greet you at A2Z.

Skilled & Experienced

We know our craft, repaired 1000’s of PC’s & Networks, and will help you with your PC functionality.

Great Pricing

Our pricing is a great bang for the buck, generally half of what the geek squad will charge.

Quality Assurance

We take pride in doing the job right. we listen to our customers and assure that your needs are met.

Honesty, Integrity, & Trust

We will always make honest assessments and treat you fairly.

Variety of Experience

We’ve helped a wide variety of businesses with their software, hardware, networks, their functionality.

Skills Summary

We’ve been working on, and experimenting with computer functionality since the PC inception in the 1980’s.  This list is not exhaustive, if you have questions about your needs or project, please ask..

TROUBLESHOOTING.  Skilled With Common Technical Problem Solving.
PC HARDWARE.   Most. CPU. Mainboards.  RAM.  Hard Drives. Power etc..
PC SOFTWARE.  Most Applications; Office, Quickbooks, Adobe, Graphics etc.
OPERATING SYSTEMS.  All Windows Desktop/Server. Linux.  Android etc…
NETWORKS.  All TCPIP Based.  Windows Workgroups/Domains.
SURVEILLANCE/CAMS.  Photo & Surveillance.  Hardware. Software. Config, Troubleshooting.
DIGITAL VIDEO & AUDIO. Music & Video Hardware, Software, Custom Config.
MINIATURE TECHNOLOGY. General & Specialized Applications of Small Computing.
CONSULTING. Discussions, Applications, & Projects in the Technical Environment.
DIAGNOSTICS, REPAIR, & UPGRADES. Repair, Replace, or Upgrade Any PC.

Tune Up

Slow PC



Our Remote PC Services Include
Hard disk repair services
Software installation support
Network troubleshooting
Driver troubleshooting
Creating user accounts
Troubleshooting system errors such as Bluescreen errors
Increase PC performance and speed up PC

NO RISK 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Slow Computer Speed
Malware, Spyware & Virus Removal
Crashes and Freezes
Errors and Pop-Ups
Program and Software Errors
iPhone and Android Optimization
Phone Errors and Freezes
Syncing and Backup
App Installation and Removal
Operating System Issues/Updates
Update Software & Drivers
Fix Modem/Router Issues
Delete Unwanted Files
Protect from Hackers/Phishing
Fix Internet Issues

USTechSupport can help you with…

Delete junk files
Improve computer speed and performance
Major system updates
Operating system repair
Computer performance tune-up
Remove operating system clutter
Virus and spyware removal
Technicians work 24 hours a day 365 days a year
System speed
Fragmentation of data
Hard drive issues
Internet connection issues

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Computers Repaired

We Specialize in Microsoft Windows Computers

We will fix your technology issues or you don’t pay!

Remote Cleanup

$49Clean Up Today
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Fix all your issues in one session.
Limited to one fix.



Fix all your issues in one session.
Limited to one fix.



Fix all your issues in one session.
Limited to one fix.