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Our small business helps people with their Personal, Home, and Business technology and has been a destination for many years. We look forward to working with you and think you’ll find satisfaction both personally & professionally in our products and appreciate our “win-win” attitude.

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Puget Sound Tech Since '04

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Laptop Buying Service – $145

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4630 200th Street SW – Suite P.  Lynnwood    

Directions. We are in the Bentley Office Centre.  On 200th St SW, it’s about halfway between 44th Avenue to the East and Scriber Lake to the West.

Our Availability

Shop hours are Mon – Fri from 10am to 5:30pm, and Saturdays from noon to 3pm. While we strive to keep shop hours, an appointment assures we’ll have time to devote to you. Call us at 425.744.1582.

If your project needs aren’t covered below, please contact us for custom and innovative adaption. We are committed to every project, we have good ideas that become reality and we work to make every client happy.

Products & Services

Dropoff PC Service
Remote & Onsite Service
New Laptops & Desktops
Big Tech Alternatives
Streaming TV
Website Work
Privacy & Security

We live aloha and share it with our customers daily. 

Why Our Service Is The Definition of Win-Win

Flat Rate Repair Cost

Most in-house laptop ($95) and desktop ($90) repairs done for our reasonable flat labor rate. No surprises at pickup time. Half the price & twice the quality of big box stores like Geek Squad etc..

Quick & Through Service

We understand and stay on top of our craft.. Our procedures have been refined for nearly 20 years, allowing us to give you speed AND quality. Most of our repairs achieve a fast 1-day turnaround time.

Stand Behind Our Work

By valuing and working for our customer satisfaction, our repeat customer rate is well over 90%. All of our repairs come with a 30 Day Warranty, but more importantly we do our best to make it right.

Years In Business


Computers Fixed


Networks Built


Service Visits


Custom PC's Built


Happy Customers

Laptop or Desktop Problems?

Slow, Virus, Issues??  We’re friendly, skillful, & fix most problems. Drop off  laptop or desktop anytime for a $95/$90 flat rate & often 1-day fix.  Trust in our high repeat customer rate & superior ratings in Consumer Reports, Google et.al.

Repair Technical Insights & Options

UPGRADE. Solid State drive’s are 10-40x faster than Standard drives. Our install won’t alter your PC configuration, just provide blazing speed. Apx. $200.

PROTECTION. Backup your data or setup an online service. We can often recover data from PC crash. From $50.

INFORMATION. Shady tech company’s call or pop-up, claiming to be Microsoft/Apple lying about your computer issues.

Remote or Visit To You

For Home or Business. We can visit or remotely repair your PC’s depending on need.  We identify & fix problems, upgrade & improve software, repair computer configuration, networks, printers and more.   Our service can be setup by the hour or visit. 

Onsite & Remote Insights & Options

HELP. We come to you and set up, configure, and fix PC’s, Servers, Networks, Software, Hardware, Data, Printers, Wiring etc.

UPGRADES. We can fix many problems with minimal effort from you. Make an appointment or call now. from $50.

INFORMATION. Regular maintenance at a fair price keeps you productive & prepares you for emergencies.

New Desktops

New Desktop PC Computers

We’ve built reasonably priced personalized Custom Desktops for satisfied customers since inception in ’05.  Building for General, Gaming, Music & Media Editing.  Designing a computer that gives you what you want without fluff separates us from big box like HP or Dell.  

New Computer Insights & Options

CUSTOM PC. Functionality. New Hardware. Size, style, speed, OS. Keep config/transfer data. Warranty. start $550.

SERVICE. We learn your needs & wants, then find the perfect laptop and configure it as you like it.

INFORMATION. Like your specific PC configuration? We can often build a new PC without having to reinstall anything.

New or Improved Cameras

Using the best in surveillance design & construction, we integrate analog & digital hardware, software, & networking to see what you want.  We design, build, & install 1-stop surveillance to prevent problems, protect valuable areas, & assure piece of mind. 

Surveillance Insights & Options

TURNKEY. New or upgrade? Great HD cameras, extended recording, and functional NVR’s.

DIY. If you can do the install, we can guide you with parts and advice.

INFORMATION. Surveillance vs Security. How to see what you want. Camera resolution, darkness, install location etc..

Website Builds

New or Improved Website?

A2Z has built dozens of websites since it’s inception. We work to understand your needs and wants, then uniquely design or improve your site or applications.  Customers appreciate our visually pleasing professional designs, and custom tailoring to your message and functionality.

Website Technical Insights & Options

NEW. Our websites inform & sell. Built with aesthetics & functionality in mind. Free consultation. from $500.

UPGRADE. We can fix many problems with minimal effort from you. Make an appointment or call now.

INFORMATION. Website tell your story and improves business. Stats say 50% of business driven by your site.

Take Control Over Your Data.

While conscious that the privacy & anonymity of past generations are gone, we’re here to protect from modern data harvesting.  If you’re concerned and believe that others shouldn’t have your information, we can help. Local machines, Windows10, and Web Privacy.

Privacy Insights & Options

DEFENSE. Cleanup. Education. Tools. Understand & control online information.

CUSTOM. Government, big business and their marketers harvest & share your data. We can help.

INFORMATION. Privacy. Anonymity. Freedom. Much lost in the digital age. We can help.

Laptop Buying Service

TV Streaming

Big Tech Alternatives

Remote Repair

Our Technical Work & Repair

High Quality.. Quick Service.. Reasonable Pricing.. Served With A Smile.

Data Backup & Recovery

We working hard to build a reputation of customer satisfaction through technical excellence and friendly staff.

Laptop Repair

We are one of the leading computer service center, we undertake desktop and laptop service with all major brands.

Computer Repair

We working hard to build a reputation of customer satisfaction through technical excellence and friendly staff.

Hardware Update

We working hard to build a reputation of customer satisfaction through technical excellence and friendly staff.

Networking Issues Solving

We are one of the leading computer service center, we undertake desktop and laptop service with all major brands

Virus & Spyware Removal

We working hard to build a reputation of customer satisfaction through technical excellence and friendly staff.

Custom Built Computers

We are one of the leading computer service center, we undertake desktop and laptop service with all major brands

Laptop Hardware Repairs

We working hard to build a reputation of customer satisfaction through technical excellence and friendly staff.

Software Installation & Upgrades

We are one of the leading computer service center, we undertake desktop and laptop service with all major brands

We'll Diagnose & Repair Any Computer or Network Problem

Over 15 years of experience in Computer Repair & Network Configuration. Call Us 425.744.1582

Our Shop

Why People Choose Us For Their Technology Work

At A2Z, we treat you as we’d like to be treated. Providing win-win outcomes for our customers with top-notch technical competence and great service for nearly two decades. Here is a sampling of our customers describing who we are and how we work.

What Our Customers Say About Us

“I had a great experience working with Mark for the first time and I felt like he treated me like a valued customer. He made the whole process of getting my non working Windows PC working in just 4 days and he explained what he did and why in a way I could actuality understand. I highly recommend bringing your computer needs here!”

“Excellent, professional service–and Mark is just the best!”

“Owner Mark is a wonderful person kind, patient, and very knowledgeable about everything. Always helping others honest and caring. He also helps people buy computers and guides them to the best models and companies for their needs. Excellent customer service”

Consumer Reports Reviews

Consumer Reports site checkbook.com reviews ranked us as the #1 computer repair site in the Puget Sound region.
Thank You!

Our Thoughts & Opinions



When Do I Need PC Maintenance?

by Admin

Probably the most important thing to consider is the data on your hard drive. Is it backed up?


Technical Support Scams

by Admin

These callers or the guys behind the pop-ups will lie and try to scare you into un-needed and un-necessary tech support. read MORE.


Buy New or Upgrade/Repair

by Admin

As long as a piece of technology has satisfactory functionality, all things being equal, you’re probably OK with it.

Who We Are - Our Skills, Benefits, & Motivations


Skills & Experience

Things We Can Help You With

We’ve been working on and experimenting with computer functionality since the P.C. inception in the 1980’s, and have a wide range of technology skills. This list is not exhaustive, if you have questions about your needs or project, please ask..

TROUBLESHOOTING. All Common PC’s, Servers, Networks, Surveillance et. al.
PC HARDWARE. All Common Types; CPU, Mainboards, RAM, Hard Drives, Power etc..
PC SOFTWARE. All Common Applications; Office, Quickbooks, Adobe, graphics etc.
OPERATING SYSTEMS. All Windows Desktop & Server, Linux flavors, Android etc…
NETWORKS. All Windows based Workgroup or Domain Networks.
SURVEILLANCE/CAMERAS. Photography/Surveillance Hardware, Software, & Config.
DIGITAL VIDEO & AUDIO. Music & Video Hardware, Software, Custom Configuration.
MINIATURE TECHNOLOGY. General & Specialized Applications of Small Computing.
CONSULTING. Discussions, Applications, & Projects in the Technical Environment.
DIAGNOSTICS, REPAIR, & UPGRADES. Repair, Replace, or Upgrade Any PC.

Our Benefits & Advantages

Or Why Utilize Us When Other Options Available

EXPERIENCE & SKILL. Over 25 Years Experience, will you get the same elsewhere?
PROFESSIONALISM. 1000’s of successful software, OS, hardware, & network jobs.
SERVICE. We care & can help you when (NOT IF) you have a computing challenge.
LOCAL CONVENIENCE. Phone & Internet communication not required..
LOCAL BENEFIT. Money spent here goes into local economy, benefiting us all.
FUTURE OPTIONS. Most technology will need work or upgrades, we can implement.
ADAPTABLE OPTIONS. Technological options not offered at most shops.
PRICE. Competitive in all Product Areas, meet or beat Big Box for most items.
VALUE. Great bang for the Buck. What is time and frustration worth to you?
RESPONSIBILITY. As a store front, we’re available & stand behind our work.
QUALITY. We use only quality parts and time-tested techniques.
CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT. Technology is dynamic, we bring progress to you.
RESPONSIBILITY. We value a good reputation, & can’t hide from a bad product.

THE Bottom Line: A2Z Cares About You & Will Do What Others Can’t….



Form Follows Function

What Guides & Inspires Our Integration

The adage of “Form Follows Function” is most commonly attributed to the Architect Frank Lloyd Wright, and speaks to the putting of first things first. In our opinion, the first task with computers and most built things is to consider and determine functionality. As in architecture, what types of things that are going to be done, then finding the right tool for the job. Much of the technology marketing works the other way around, “buy this great phone or computer” for this price, without understanding why or what makes it great for you.

As technical integrators, we meld server, desktop, laptop, and mobile hardware, software, networks, and protocols to enable interesting & exciting products for your best functionality. We’ve been around computing technology since the inception of personal computing in the mid-80’s, like it and are skilled at all phases of micro computing technology. We constantly strive to improve our craft, growing in knowledge as hardware & software matures.

A2Z Technology specializes in most forms of technological integration.

4630 200th Street SW, Suite P
Lynnwood, WA 98036

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